Maak kennis met ons Team

In het team van Shiatsu Touch is kwaliteit en professionaliteit een must

  • Shiatsu Touch werkt alleen met stoelmasseurs die een degelijke opleiding stoelmassage hebben gekregen
  • De medewerkers zijn niet alleen stoelmasseurs maar zijn ook shiatsubeoefenaars of gespecialiseerd in andere therapeutische massagetechnieken
  • De massagestoelen zijn van de hoogste kwaliteit: niets mag uw ontspanning in de weg staan
  • Ons netwerk van freelance medewerkers stelt ons in staat om u altijd en overal in België en Nederland een fantastische stoelmassage aan te bieden

Inge Vantilt

Operating manager

Inge Vantilt discovered shiatsu during a sabbatical after an interesting career as officemanager in a bank.

She finished the shiatsutraining of the International School of Shiatsu and the advanced trainings of Saul Goodman and Marc Vervecken. She also attended several yogatrainings.

She teaches shiatsu and Okidoyoga in the Internatioanal Shiatsu School and other organisations. She also assists in the advanced levels of shiatsu.

In her practice she offers therapeutical shiatsu treatments.

In Shiatsu Touch

– she provides professional trainings in chairmassage

– she organises in cooperation with her students, chair massages in companies and on events

– she organises interesting workshops and trainings based on the dynamic Okidoyoga

Marc Vervecken

shiatsu instucteur

Marc used to be a real sportsfreak until severe backproblems ended his sportscareer. The diagnosis was the uncurable Bechterew’s disease.

Since he didn’t want to give up and the traditionel medicine couldn’t help him, he started to look for alternatives. This brought him to Jan, his nephew, who just came home from his study in macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute (USA). This was the start of a new life.

A second important meeting was the one with Masahiro Oki Sensei, the founder of Okidoyoga, a dynamic yoga based on japanese martial arts and chinese medicine. Masahiro Oki Sensei gave him intensive treatments and corrective exercises. He made such a progress, so he decided to follow Oki to Japan for several months to learn more about Okidoyoga and corrective exercises

Four years later he returned to Japan eager to learn more about these corrective exercises and especially about exercises for the spine and neck.
Meanwhile he studied shiatsu, first in Belgium later also in Switserland (shiatsu as well as shin-tai). He completed his study in the USA with Saul Goodman.
Nowadays he gives, beside his shiatsu practice, a lot of lessons in Okidoyoga, corrective exercises and shiatsu in Belgium and abroad.
One of his students wrote: working  with Marc is provocative and revealing but afterwards you feel glorious,  full of energy and really relaxed



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