chair massage for companies

More and more companies choose to offer their employees a chair massage at work.

As incentive, during a peak period or as stress prevention. A good decision! Chair massage is an effective way to reduce stress and to relieve and prevent stress-related complaints. Besides the known approach to absenteeism: team building, dealing with bullying, improving working conditions …, chair massage focuses on the stress resistance of your employees.

A few less nice figures:

  • Absenteism in Belgium in 2010 was at about 6%
  • Direct cost per day of  illness is estimated at 8.6% of the monthly salary (employer’s costs included), multiply this by 2.5 to 3 if you also count the indirect costs and expenses
  • 60% of the complaints are related to stress


A few  positive figures:


  • Massage results for  80% of the people into a decrease in complaints
  • 58% experience after massages an increase in quality of life
  • 79% experience an increase in the mental health
  • 64% of the employees is less absent from work
  • Source: Evaluation of a CAM Pilot Project in Northern Ireland (2008)


Chair massage:

  • Chair massage increases alertness: mathematical calculations are made faster (50%) and more accurate (50%)
  • Employees who regularly receive a chair massages are less tired and are more positive in life: anxiety, depression scores and job stress drop noticeably. The influence of the parasympathetic nervous system (which allows relaxation) is clearly activated.
  • Source: Massage Therapy Reduces anxiety and enhances EEG pattern of alert ness and math computations (International Journal of Neuroscience 1996)


Chair massage is specifically designed for businesses.

Chair massage is accessible, is given dressed in an ergonomic chair. Chair massage is adjustable everywhere and at any time. And we come to you wherever and whenever it suits you. Moreover chair massage is highly appreciated by your employees. 75-80% of employees participate in the chair massage, therefore chair massage is much more effective as a tool in the fight against stress compared to other means such as gym subscriptions, exercise programs and such.

Chair massage takes only 15 to 20 minutes of time, but in that short time these parts of the body where stress causes problems, are thoroughly treated. And after the relaxing part there is a brief revitalizing part in order to get the employee at work, not only relaxed but also refreshed. Chair massage is both preventive and problem solving.

The cost for a regular chair massage in your company are negligible compared to the revenues. Chair massage is more than worth the money.

For companies with more than 20 employees, we offer you a free demonstration and / or PowerPoint presentation. The cost / benefit analysis of chair massage impresses you immediately.



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