chair massage

You want know more about chair massage?

What is chair massage?

The technique of chair massage has been developed in the United States in 1982, and has been based on the traditional art of the acupressure called AMMA ( given rest with hands) which has its origin in Japan since 1300. 

Amma is also the original technique from which shiatsu has been developped.

David Palmer expierienced that many of the employees at Apple had back complaints and stress problems. He developed a short, but intensive massage of 15 minutes to coop with these complaints. The results made him to  apply this technique in other companies also.

Chair massage especially works on these body areas which are heavily charged by stress:

The back, the neck, the arms, the hands and the head while the participants is clothed on a professional chair. 

You can apply chair massage at each moment, on each place and for everyone.

A chair massage lasts 15 minutes and is composed from fluently whole of movements and techniques, called the kata called. The kata has been aimed to obtain from each operation a maximum  impact.

The chair massage improves the vitality, circulation and flexibility and gives immediately a pleasant entertainment.


Does chair massage work?

Off course there has been scientific research on the impact of chair massages.

Fifty persons were subjected to a comparative research. One half got a chair massage two times per week, and this during five weeks. Other half got no massage, only a break of 15 minutes.

Before and after the first and the last massage or break they were given an EEC- test and a stress test. 

Moreover the test persons filled in questionnaires concerning their job stress, feelings of fear and depression. 

Finally all persons also made a number of mathematical calculations. 

The tests were carried out on both groups and both for and after the massage.


Amazing results

The results were staggeringly: there was a significant prove that chair massage raises the alertness: Mathematical calculations were carried out more rapidly and more accurately

Feelings of fear, depression scores and job stress decrease noticeably.

Moreover it became clear from these results that chair massage given regularly raised the positive influence of the chair massage. The results of the massage group on the last day before the massage were significantly better than those of the control group. And on several points better than those of the massagegroup after the first massage. 

After the last massage this trend was only confirmed.



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